hypnotherapy, life coaching and past life regression in San Miguel de Allende, MX



Hypnosis saved my life. For years I struggled with nicotine and finally was able to let go of it with the help of hypnosis.  After two very relaxing and powerful sessions, I was able to walk away from cigarettes FOREVER.

Since that time - nearly eight years ago - I have achieved my certification in hypnosis and am confident that I can help YOU too - with smoking cessation, fears, phobias, personal relationships, worry, sleep disturbances, creative blocks...whatever experiences you are trying to let go of in order to achieve your highest potential!

Please explore the site, read the testimonials and contact me when you're ready for a life-changing, life-affirming session. All sessions are offered at LifePath Retreats in San Miguel, Rinconada de la Aldea #29. Coaching sessions are also available by phone. Thank you!

I look forward to supporting you to your highest potential! 

Blessings, Joseph 

PHONE: 415.103.8027 San Miguel    619.574.0196 Vonage